Friday, September 19, 2014

David beat and killed the Goliath

                        DAVID KILLS GOLIATH
                                   1 Samuel 16 1-15

        Goliath Said, "Who came for gath had a size that was enormous but he was also listen as a champion. His height was six cubits which as above nine feet tall and the armor and speard he carried height several hundred pounds of the weight of the iron would have been on a wear into a battle. Some ancient source say that goliath height was actually four cubits and span which would be about six feet, nine inches. During time of the iron age that was huge by all standards. Also the fact that goliath was the champion of one of the fiercest and most experience and battle tested nations therewere... Philistia. Goliath of philistians was equal to the heavy weight champion of the world and he about to face the bantam weight Contender of Israel.
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